Saturday June 14th. 1975
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We never got the chance to officially catch Ann on tape,
But she happen to walk out just after Frank was done talking while the recorder was still on.
So I conveniently didnt turn it off which has given us this small glimpse of Ann's voice!
She was at the top of the front stairs, and we were all down in the lower sitting area.
She is talking about the lunches she made for us to take up to the Pool.
Steve, Al & Ann - April 74.

Recorded June 14th. 1975.
Frank  One Sandwich, Is that...Beef Stick & Cheese?
Ann  No.
Frank  And Could you give me some sweet mustard?
Ann  No just mustard, I don't have any..
Frank  OK.
Ann  And Steve has the bag...It's just a bag...kind of flat...You Know.
 And He has an ice cream bag with mustard.
 The difference is he has one sandwich, you have no mustard
 and You've got everything.
Steven  Great.
Frank  OK.
Ann  They are on the table...
 And when you leave here, please lock the house
 I will put the dogs away.
Frank  Will you throw me some change in there so I can get some drinks?
Ann  No...I've given you enough change...Just the other day.
Frank  Throw me some change in there?
Art  You've got some bread!
Frank  Just shoot a couple quarters in there...
Ann  No...uh-uh...Not today.
Frank  Phooey!
Steven  You're on a budget.
Art  You've got to learn to earn money!

Here's a couple quarters for you Frank!
Here's a Piece of coin trivia for you guys!
There is no such thing as a 1975 quarter...they were never produced!
The U.S. Mint had special permission to produce the Bi-Centennial Quarters
during both years 1975 and 1976 with the 1776-1976 date on them!
Maybe thats why Ann couldn't give Frank some quarters during this 1975 recording.

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